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"Onna bushido" The women who challenge for hachidan

Thanks to Reuben sensei for letting me know about this video. Made this year, it is the first doco I've seen about women 7th dans in Japan going for 8th dan. It only aired for the first time on NHK about 2 weeks ago. In Japanese without subtitles at this stage. Enjoy!

No training this Wednesday; last training for term 2 this Saturday...

Just a reminder that this Saturday is our last training for term 2.  Traditionally the last training for term 2 is our kangeiko. However due to some planning difficulties, this Saturday's training won't be an all day training as it is usually. It will however go longer than normal, finishing at 1.00pm. Term 3 starts on 20 July, and the next beginners' course on 10 August.

VKR/AKR fees due this week (2020 membership year)

Please note that annual membership renewals are due this week. They must be made in a single payment for the whole club, therefore I need your payment in my account by this Saturday evening at the latest.  BSB 313-140 AC#19235215 Fees are $70.00 for adults and $45.00 for juniors. If you do not pay by Saturday it just means your membership won't be renewed until next month; the VKR has a policy of only processing memberships payments between 1st and 15th of each month.