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New Kendo Documentary - The Path of No Regret

NHK has just released a documentary about All Japan champion Hidehisa Nishimura. Called "The Spirit of Kendo: The Path of No Regret" it's available on NHK World's streaming site until 2 November this year. Enjoy!

Keishi Ryu Iai

 Beginning rei There are videos on this channel for the first four of the five kata and also for the closing rei. The kata are: Mae Goshi, Asayama Ichiden Ryu Muso Gaeshi, Shindo Munen Ryu Migi no Teki, Kyoshin Meichi Ryu Mawarigake, Tamiya Ryu Shiho, Tatsumi Ryu There's no video for "Shiho" for some reason. So here's the previous Tatsumi Ryu Headmaster demonstrating: View this post on Instagram Shiho 四方 (Four Directions), the Tatsumi Ryu kata that is included in the Keishi Ryu iai curriculum. This video is from the Nippon Budokan's "Nihon Kobudo" film series shot in the 1970s. This is Kato Takashi soke, the 21st and previous headmaster, the current Headmaster's father. Graduate of Kokushikan Univ. Studied under Nakayama Hakudo and Mochida Seiji amongst others. He was graded 5th dan in Kendo and 5th dan in Iaido by the Dai Nippon Butokukai before WWII when these were the highest

Wednesday night trainings start tomorrow

7.30 to 9.00pm as usual. See you there.

Term 3: competitions, seminars and gradings.... and Furukawa!

I I hope you're all enjoying the break and avoiding this winter's terrible 'flu. In the meantime, please have a look at Furukawa sensei's old Kendo DVD above. It doesn't matter that it's all in Japanese. You can probably understand the names of each waza as he mentions them ( "Ano ne, ma.... ano sugi wa, debana waza desu ne... debana men, anoo~..." "Ok so, um... er, next we have, um, debana...etc" :)), and he also acts out the wrong way to do them. But just watching how straight and relaxed his posture is, is in itself an education. He really does have some of the most beautiful Kendo I've ever seen. Coming up: VKR Delegates' meeting: this Sunday at 1pm, Kenshikan Okada sensei seminar 26-28 July   If you wish to be part of this, please contact me asap. VKC's 10-11 August.    Mick is now competition secretary so he is handling this and you should have heard from him already via email. Thanks Mick!! Ueyama sensei 26-3

Okada Morimasa sensei Kendo and Iai seminar 2019

Okada sensei from Nittaidai will be in Melbourne this month to run a weekend seminar. Last year was at MSAC, this year will be at Monash University. Due date for registrations is Friday 19th July (the day before we start back at training) so if you're interested in attending, you will have to let me know via email as soon as possible. Chief Instructor:  Okada Morimasa sensei, Kendo Kyoshi 8th Dan Assistant instructors:  Ito Masataka sensei, Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan, Hirokawa Takaki sensei, Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan, Otomo Yoichi sensei, Kendo Renshi 7th Dan, Hashikomi Maiko sensei, Kendo 6th Dan. Prices : Both Days Adults: $70 Students: $50 Per Day Flat Fee: $40 Participants that are 15 or under can attend for free. Content  • Lecture • Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon Waza Keiko Ho • Nihon Kendo Kata • Kendo Basic / Advance Practice • Keiko Location and times : 27- 28 July 2019 9:30am ~ 4:30pm Monash University Games Hall Clayton Campus, 42 Scenic Blvd, Clayton VIC 3