Keishi Ryu Iai

 Beginning rei

There are videos on this channel for the first four of the five kata and also for the closing rei.

The kata are:

  1. Mae Goshi, Asayama Ichiden Ryu
  2. Muso Gaeshi, Shindo Munen Ryu
  3. Migi no Teki, Kyoshin Meichi Ryu
  4. Mawarigake, Tamiya Ryu
  5. Shiho, Tatsumi Ryu

There's no video for "Shiho" for some reason. So here's the previous Tatsumi Ryu Headmaster demonstrating:


  1. shiho is also at the link you have supplied (警視流立居合5本目「四方」), and thanks a lot for it!!


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