Term 3: competitions, seminars and gradings.... and Furukawa!


I hope you're all enjoying the break and avoiding this winter's terrible 'flu. In the meantime, please have a look at Furukawa sensei's old Kendo DVD above. It doesn't matter that it's all in Japanese. You can probably understand the names of each waza as he mentions them ("Ano ne, ma.... ano sugi wa, debana waza desu ne... debana men, anoo~..." "Ok so, um... er, next we have, um, debana...etc" :)), and he also acts out the wrong way to do them. But just watching how straight and relaxed his posture is, is in itself an education. He really does have some of the most beautiful Kendo I've ever seen.

Coming up:

VKR Delegates' meeting: this Sunday at 1pm, Kenshikan

Okada sensei seminar 26-28 July  If you wish to be part of this, please contact me asap.

VKC's 10-11 August.  Mick is now competition secretary so he is handling this and you should have heard from him already via email. Thanks Mick!!

Ueyama sensei 26-31 Aug   Ueyama sensei is a 7th dan from Aichi Pref. and is Brett Smith sensei's sempai from their high school days. He is coming out for a short personal visit but he is a high school Kendo teacher and very interested in young people's kendo. More info soon.

VJKC Still haven't heard anything...

Gradings 8th Sept (kyu) and 22nd Sept (dan) as far as I know. More details as well soon.


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