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Nittaidai Seminar

Here are the details for the up coming Nittaidai Seminar Sorry I cut and pasted this from a PDF, I couldnt figure out how to import a PDF. If anyone wants the full brochure let me know and I will email it. Early Bird discount ends 31st of December.  Kendo Renmei presents Nittaidai Kendo Seminar 2020 Featuring: Makoto Yagisawa Sensei: 8-dan, kyoshi Nobuaki Furusawa Sensei: 7-dan, renshi Chikano Shinzato Sensei: 7-dan, renshi When: 29 Feb – 1 Mar 2020 9am – 5pm Where: Monash University Recreation Centre (Clayton Campus) Melbourne,  Registration (Individual Registration) Fees: Early Bird (before 31st December 2019): 2-day : $80 1-day : $50 Full Price (from 1st Jan 2020) 2-day : $100 1-day : $60 Benalla/Apollo Bay/Under 16s (2-day): $60 From the Desk of the Secretary

Grading Dates

Dear All here is the full list of grading dates as it currently stands: Kendo Sun. 15th March --- 6th kyu - 3rd kyu kendo Sun. 22nd March --- 2nd kyu - 4th dan kendo (AKC's grading Tuesday, 14th April at MSAC) Sun. 6th Sept. --- 6th kyu - 3rd kyu kendo Sun. 20th Sept. --- 2nd kyu - 4th dan kendo Iaido/Jodo Sat. 28th March Sat. 25th July From The Desk of the Secretary 

Great new koryu videos from Meiji Shrine Autumn Budo Demonstrations

Tatsumi Ryu starts at 11:35    Don't forget to check out our previous post about how to order Tomoko san's beautiful shinai bags.

Tomoko san's bespoke sword bags

click on the image to see an enlarged version Tomoko Fujiie showed us her beautiful sword bags recently at training. If you would like to order one, please follow the link to her order form below. She makes two sizes: one size for katana/bokuto and the other for shinai. The thing I really like about them, apart from the fact that they are beautifully made, is that they have an ingenious toggle-drawstring closure which is simple and secure. I've not see that before an any shinai fukuro . Tomoko san's order form You can email your order to directly to kyohei dot fujiie at mail dot com Payment on delivery.

no training Wednesday 4 December

Apologies to those who were keen to train. There's always suburi! Last Wednesday training for 2019 will be the 11th.