Nittaidai Seminar

Here are the details for the up coming Nittaidai Seminar

Sorry I cut and pasted this from a PDF, I couldnt figure out how to import a PDF. If anyone wants the full brochure let me know and I will email it.

Early Bird discount ends 31st of December.

 Kendo Renmei presents Nittaidai Kendo Seminar 2020 Featuring: Makoto Yagisawa Sensei: 8-dan, kyoshi Nobuaki Furusawa Sensei: 7-dan, renshi Chikano Shinzato Sensei: 7-dan, renshi

When: 29 Feb – 1 Mar 2020 9am – 5pm Where: Monash University Recreation Centre (Clayton Campus) Melbourne,

 Registration (Individual Registration) Fees: Early Bird (before 31st December 2019): 2-day : $80 1-day : $50 Full Price (from 1st Jan 2020) 2-day : $100 1-day : $60 Benalla/Apollo Bay/Under 16s (2-day): $60

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