Details for The Australian Kendo Championships

Dear all,

Please read the information below regarding registration for this year’s Australian Kendo Championships in Melbourne as either a competitor, shinpan, official or seminar attendee.


All Victorian competitors are required to register and pay directly via the AKC online registration website:

You must include the correct seeding (ranking) based on the selection results as advised by the Victorian Coaching Team. Please contact the Victorian Team Manager (Andrea Ngai) if you are unsure of your seeding.  

If you also intend to attend the seminar, please register and pay at the time of registration.

All 4-Dan (and above) competitors are expected to make themselves available for Shinpan duties for events in which they are not competing. Please indicate your availability via the registration process.

Registrations and payments are due by 14 February 2020.

In the situation where Victoria’s allocation in the draw is exceeded, the VKR will issue refunds directly to those competitors that cannot attend.

Important dates:
  • Victorian team seeding released: 3-4 February 2020
  • Registrations and payments due: 14 February 2020
  • Competitor placement confirmed by AKR/Kendo Board: 6 March 2020

Non-competing Shinpans, Officials and Seminar Attendees

All non-competing shinpans, coaches, officials and seminar attendees must register via the AKC online registration website:

If you have already registered as an individual competitor, you do not need to register again.

Registrations and payments are due by 14 February 2020.


More volunteers are required for all days of the tournament and the grading/seminar.

The AKC cannot be run without the support of volunteers from all Victorian clubs and the VKR expects all Victorian clubs to support this event through providing volunteers.      

Volunteers should sign-up at the following link: Volunteer Roster

If you have any questions regarding the registration process please contact Michael Dunn (

The VKR thanks you for your support.


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