Working With Children Check for NSK members

More and more kids are doing Kendo at our club and at other Kendo clubs in Victoria. This is a good thing. It means there are adults and kids training together and learning from each other.

The Working With Children Check used to be something only instructors needed. Now, however, nearly everyone over the age of eighteen who trains in a club where children are also training needs to have one.

There are various exemptions, such as if you're related to the children you work or train with, but this is only if you are related to all of them. As we do a fair amount of training with other dojos, it is better if everyone has a WWCC.

If you are currently training at Nanseikan and over the age of eighteen you need to do the check. For volunteers it is free, but you will need to go to a Post Office to have your photo taken for the card (also free).

As soon as you have your card, please let the club know. Apply below:


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