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All Nanseikan training suspended until end of March

As may have been expected, the VKR has this evening recommended all clubs to cease training until the end of March. They will monitor the situation and make further recommendations in due course. Below is the message from VKR President Cyntheia Lim. Dear all, The COVID-19 situation is changing very rapidly.  The VKR is now recommending that all kendo, iaido and jodo activities be suspended until the end of March.  We will review and update our recommendations before the end of that period.  Your support and understanding is greatly appreciated. Your voice will be heard We are open to hear your concerns, questions regarding this situation. Please feel free to write to . Kind regards, Cyntheia Lim President Victorian Kendo Renmei


OK, so Japanese police kendo is a little above our level. But still you can learn a lot just by watching. Mostly you can aspire to their Kendo. Every now and then you will be able to achieve a technique a little like what you've seen high level kenshi do. Perhaps you will see the solution to a difficult problem or bad habit in your Kendo. This is Kumamoto Police kendo. They feature Nishimura sensei among their number, one of Japan's best kenshi--national team member, All-Japan champion and subject of this documentary I've linked to previously. This video is of their training basics: suburi, etc. Watch what they do and how they do it. Enjoy!