Very cool kihon drills in a cute, tiny dojo


Here's some more inspiration for when we get back into the dojo. 

This is an interesting channel from a Distance Education Centre, also known as a 'correspondence school', Seiji International High School in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Pref.

This video just popped up in my feed and it has some really interesting drills. This video was posted only a week ago and I can't help saying I feel a bit jealous that COVID19 restrictions in their part of the world are so relaxed that they can train together with full kiai and no masks! Anyway...

Their drills seem designed to work well in a small space while still focusing on fundamentals. I particularly like the drill where the kakarite starts with their kensen level with their opponent's tsuba -- very close distance -- and then performs correct cutting with fumikomiashi and zanshin.

Also #backyarddojogoals...  

This channel looks worth subscribing to. I also love how many fans they've got going! August in Japan, I can only imagine how uncomfortable it is in there! 


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