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Two hours training next Saturday/ survey on change of training times

This is a short video of the right-foot-first, small men cut technique we looked at yesterday. It was great to train face to face finally! Everything went well and it was great to welcome back Soon properly and also two new members, Nick from Cairns (previously from Ballarat) and Nate our one and only Zoom beginner! In light of reaching the 28-day milestone of no new local cases of the virus we trained largely without masks but with other COVID-safe modifications to training. However if individuals wish to train with masks as some did on Saturday that is of course their right. It is likely that in future we may have new cases in the community and so we'll have to go back to a more strict mask-wearing regime during training, but for now I think we have earned the right to train mask-free without danger if we wish. Some points for those who haven't yet been to Latrobe:  parking is free after hours, even though the signs all say 'permit only'. So no need to find a parking

changes to instructions for training at Latrobe Indoor Sports Centre: 28/11, 5/12, 12/12

***NOTE: changes below*** We will be training at Latrobe Indoor Sports Centre for the next three weeks: Saturday 28 November from 12 noon to 1pm Saturday 5 December from 11am to 1pm Saturday 12 December from 11am to 1pm Cost of training will be $5.00 per person on 28/11 and $10.00 per person after that, payable on the day. Please bring two N95 masks per person to train in. Do not buy the ones with the plastic valve. Have other masks on hand for non-training use. ALSO PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING CHANGES: We will be using the basketball court, not the squash court. But we will be in the same venue. See map below. This means the instructions around training a slightly different: We can get changed in the change rooms. We  will do  rei and mokuso before and after training. We will be training in the same space, which will make things easier and more flexible I have changed the other instructions below to reflect this. Some, such as the overall plan for training, remain the same. The locati

No Kata Tuesday/special meeting Wednesday/instructional videos

 As mentioned at training this morning there will be no Kata training this Tuesday 10 November. There will however be a special meeting at 5.30pm on Wednesday 11th to discuss returning to in-person training. Items on the agenda: confirm ability to train in person next Saturday 14 Nov decide on location and time discuss options for return to dojo  I will endeavour to speak with St Pius and find out what I can about their needs/issues around us returning. I will also see if there are some alternative (larger, better ventilated) venues that might be available either for a short-term or a medium term option. Videos First, the video of Tagawa sensei (H8 dan) from Detroit that I mentioned. And also the classic video of Chiba sensei and his 'seme-ashi'. Take note of the movement of his kensen when he makes seme.