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2021 first important dates and notices

  the symbol for 'Ox' in the Lunar Zodiac    Happy New Year everyone. Welcome back and welcome to 2021, Reiwa 3, the year of the Ox. Grading in March As Andrew mentioned in the previous post, the VKR wants to know how many people wish to grade this March. Please email me asap (i.e. by this Thursday 28 Jan) with the names, grades and VKR numbers of all those in your household wanting to grade from 6 kyu up to and including 4 dan. VKR Executive - positions vacant Nominations are now open for the positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer. Support will be available for the successful applicants. Please contact the Vice-president, Michael Dunn directly if interested. His email is: vicepresident at The voting for these positions will be at the next AGM which will be held in March. First training back - Saturday 6 February For our first training we will start at the usual time, 9am but we will have a shorter training, finishing at 10am. We will then have a c
 Happy New Year Everyone. Here is an update from the VKR on a proposed grading camp. I have asked Sensei if he wants to recommend any candidates. I would like to do it if allowed so please let Sensei know if you are interested. Andrew D The grading would be held at the Monash University Sports Centre, Clayton in line with COVID-safe practices.   A grading panel training seminar would be conducted by the Victorian Kendo Technical Committee (VKTC) prior to the grading.  The VKR seeks feedback from clubs on the likely interest and number of candidates for this grading.  Grading eligibility will be based on:  - Minimum 5 months financial member of the VKR  - Minimum 'time in grade' requirements for relevant grade (inclusive of online and in person training periods)  - Minimum 3 months regular training based on senior instructor determination   Each CLUB is requested to indicate their approximate grading candidates by 29 January 2021 to support VKR planning using the following link: