Some excellent vids to inspire your return to the dojo tomorrow


Warakiribattousai's Youtube channel is good fun, mostly about Iaido, and has lots and lots of tameshigiri. This vid is interesting because he does his own version of the question, "Can Kendo techniques really work when using a real sword?" I think he has a background in Kendo prior to his focus on Iaido: you can certainly see he has done at least high school Kendo to a high level before switching to Iaido. So when he uses "Kendo" techniques, he knows the difference. Interestingly I think he adjusts his 'Kendo" technique slightly after the first few tries, going from 'hitting' to 'cutting'. This is exactly what accomplished kenshi work on in the shinai Kendo even they they might not get the chance to test the effectiveness of their cutting technique in this way. 

Here is a link to that other video featuring Kondo Hikaru sensei (K7 dan) which I shared last year dealing with the same question:

This is a teaser from a DVD put out by Kendo Nippon Monthly of matches from the famous Kyoto Taikai, held every year (except last year...) in May at the Butokuden in Kyoto. These matches are all between kyoshi hachidan sensei, so the newer and younger hachidans. These ippon are just superb. I can watch them over and over...

See you at training!


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