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How times have changed!

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Article: the Three Stages of Kendo Development

There's a new article on Shugo-Nanseikan, the first for more than 12 months. Have a look, I hope you enjoy it!

Term 1 holiday dates | Buying or borrowing kendogi and hakama

Kendo term one finishes 27 March. We recommence for term 2 on 24 April. Term two goes through to 26 June which is 10-weeks. See for more details and updates.

Takanabe sensei's shiai and suburi

Takanabe Susumu is one of Japan's most successful kenshi in terms of competition. This great video has two parts. In the first half it shows his shiai skills and the second half he demonstrates suburi. The shiai was a recent 7th dan tournament where you can see his speed, his ability to dominate his opponents mentally, and then how is able to execute a wide range of waza. In the suburi section you can watch his posture and there are also his points on what to aim for in each exercise. The important thing in this video is to see that even someone who is so agile, fast and good at small techniques also focuses on large, basic movements in their own training. Speed comes from relaxation, and relaxation comes from doing lots and lots and lots and lots of practice!  
Hi All Appologies I should have posted this earlier. Anyone training with Men Saturday and Sunday at Clayton will need a Men Shield. Sensai does have some so I suggest you contact him if you need one. Andrew D