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Nishimura sensei's Kendo HIIT routine

Former All Japan champion, and star of his own NHK documentary , Nishimura Hidehisa produced this workout routine for the All Japan Kendo Federation last year during the early stages of lockdown. It's an excellent HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) routine, sometimes called Tabata Training after the coach who invented the idea. Basically it has been theorised that you get better results in terms of fitness and overall body strength from short, intense and focused workouts, than you do from extended workouts. Some say it is also beneficial for improving endurance and longevity . There is even some evidence to support that it kickstarts mitochondrial function , that you're exercising at a cellular level. That's pretty amazing. Whatever the research says, it is very easy to feel the positive effects of interval training and it has several other benefits: PROS It doesn't take long, so you can fit it into a busy schedule   You can do it by yourself   You can do it almos

Term 2 news

Welcome back!   Term 2 starts tomorrow Saturday 24th April and goes until Saturday 26th June. This makes it a 10 week term. For beginners it is a 9 week term because the first week is technically their last beginners' course class. The number of weeks is just for calculating term fees. So for senior members, term 2 will be 10 x weekly fee (or 20x if you attend Wed night trainings as well). For beginners term 2 will cost 9 x weekly fee. From now on, Wednesday classes will start after the first Saturday in each term, and the last one will be after the last Saturday in each term. That way there are the same number of Wednesday trainings in each term as Saturdays. Waza This term we will continue to look in depth at all forms of kaeshi waza, but as well, we will work on improving our suriage waza . Other key points to work on are: sliding on the balls of the feet when going both forwards and backwards, never rocking back onto the heels eliminating any kind of pause in your swing, whethe