handmade shinai bags

This is Tomoko san's "Great waves" bag in two sizes.

Now that the beginners' course has finished and many of you have got your own shinai, you'll be wanting a bag to transport it in.

Tomoko Fujiie is a kendoka who lives in Benalla and she makes beautiful cloth bags that are functional and strong. She uses traditional Japanese designs in her choice of fabric and each bag can fit two shinai and a bokuto. There is also a separate pocket for the tsuba (sword guard). 

She also makes great general purpose bags in the same way. I own several and they're great.

This is a link to her ebay page where you can see all her designs.

The best way to order is to decide as a group and I can submit a single order. Tomoko-san will then deliver the bags to the dojo when they are finished (about 8 weeks). You can then pay her on delivery.

Please have a look at her eBay page and let me know.


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