Nittaidai seminar 5 June


The National Sports Science University Tokyo (Nittaidai) has had a long association with Kendo in Australia and especially Victoria. This year because travel is restricted, there will be an online seminar run by these three illustrious sensei (l to r):

·  Furusawa NobuakiKendo Kyoshi 7th Dan, Director and Men’s Manager of the Nippon Sport Science University Kendo Club.

·  Yagisawa MakotoKendo Kyoshi 8th Dan, head instructor of the Nippon Sport Science University Kendo Club, Vice President of the Nippon Sport Science University.

·  Shinzato Chikano, Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan, coach of the Nippon Sport Science University Kendo Club women’s team

(l-r. Furusawa sensei, Yagisawa sensei and Shinzato sensei) who all teach at Nittaidai. All of them have visited Australia for seminars on multiple occasions in the past.

The seminar will be via Zoom on Saturday 5 June from 10am to 11.30am. We will take part in the seminar at our dojo as if it was a normal training. 

The following information about the seminar content is from the Kendo Jidai website:

The basic nature of the content means it will be of use to members of all levels.

Lesson content

The theme of this seminar is “Basic Movements”.

1. Chudan no Kamae
2. Footwork
3. Suburi
4. Basic striking techniques and receiving strikes
5. Striking using Fumikomi-ashi

We will send a preliminary video to those who will attend the seminar. Please watch this video before you attend the seminar.

The second session will be “Basic to Advanced Movements” and the third session will be “Advanced Movements.” The fourth and fifth sessions are still under consideration, but we will decide on the content in response to the questions and requests from the participants (dan examinations, matches, etc.).


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