Response to 25 May 2021 COVID restrictions - Kendo training to continue - please take care


Training will continue at Nanseikan using masks as we have been, but we will be taking more care than in recent weeks until the restrictions are lifted. As well as the points in the poster above, please note the following instructions:

  1. Training will be limited to 30 people inside the dojo.
  2. If you feel unwell, get tested and don't come to training until you receive a negative result.
  3. If you are eligible, get vaccinated.
  4. If you have visited one of the recent exposure sites, check what the instructions are for that site and follow them.
  5. Masks must be worn properly (over nose and mouth) at all times.
  6. Bring more than one mask to training and change to a fresh mask halfway through.
  7. Come dressed in hakama and kendogi to the dojo. There will be no using the toilets or other parts of the hall.
  8. Don't share or touch equipment other than that of members of your own household. 
  9. Sanitise hands before and after touching any objects or fittings in the dojo.
Training will move to a lower impact style with less kiai and more spacing between kenshi. Training sessions may be shortened.


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