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Hi All The VKR Kendo championships are to be held 14th to the 15th of Augest. Registrations are now open and must be in by the 23rd of July. We should be back and training before then and so we can discuss in the Dojo Its open to everyone. I have attached the link below but it may not work Andrew D

STOP PRESS! Training this Saturday returns to the dojo. Please read...

The results of our email poll were in favour of a return to the dojo, but I think we can accommodate everyone.  Yes , training as normal this Saturday, in the dojo , for our last Saturday training of term. Start and finish times 10am to 12noon as usual. Yes , we will also have our very last training of term next Wednesday night 23rd June, also in the dojo . 6.30 to 8pm as usual. Yes , we will also have a Zoom training this Saturday for those who can't make it to the dojo. No, there will be no Zoom training next Wednesday night however. Zoom training this Saturday will be the usual meeting ID and it will be the first hour only, from 10am to 11am. Although there is a limit to 10 people inside at the moment, if we have more than ten we will have an overflow group training outside and we will rotate the two groups so that everyone gets to train inside equally. Our usual COVID measures apply: scan QR code masks at all times inside don't come to training if you feel unwell - get

2nd half of 2021 training dates | Tomoko's new bags

Thank you for your assistance in helping Sean compile the membership renewal application to the VKR. Next Saturday is our last Saturday training for the term and it will be on Zoom. As we move forward please check back in to this site and also TeamApp for updates on return to in-dojo training. I hope we will be able to start term 3 back face-to-face. Term 3 : 17 Jul to 11 Sep (9 weeks) Semester 2 Beginners' Course   : 7 Aug to 11 Sep (6 weeks) Victorian Kendo Championships weekend of   14-15 Aug (to be confirmed early July) Term 4:  9 Oct to 11 Dec (10 weeks)  Shochugeiko  11 or 18 Dec (date to be confirmed) The Training Dates page for 2021 been updated to show these dates. Tomoko's new bags Here is a new range of bags that Tomoko has designed for your consideration. She has also told me that she has completed the previous order and will bring them to training once we return to the dojo.

Zoom trainings Saturday 10.30 to 11.30am and Wednesday 5.30 to 6.00pm until further notice


Wed night (9/6) training cancelled | New restrictions easing: Saturday training to stay on Zoom this week | memberships reminder

It's late notice but I am cancelling tonight's online training due to weather, insufficient space in my home to run training and eye strain from too much screen time for me! Training this weekend (12/6) will stay online. Although schools are back, the Gov't is wary about gyms and indoor training. Outside groups are a maximum of ten so I think we can stay online for one more week. :fingerscrossedemoji: Sean will be sending out reminders about membership. Please respond if you haven't already. Recent beginners will have their names added to the club's nafudakake . (above)  

High school Kendo in Japan: To-o-gijuku High School

The Japanese experience of Kendo in school and university has always fascinated me. These four videos from Let'sKendo are really interesting. Probably only for the die-hard Kendo otaku amongst you all! The first three videos shows the regular training at To-O-Gijuku High School (東奧義塾高等学校) in Aomori Prefecture. It's fascinating to me to see their training space: the huge banners, trophies, soft arm chairs and heaters (probably for visiting old 8-dans in the colder months!), photos and calligraphy. From the amount of framed photos and certificates, I'm guessing this stadium doesn't get used for basketball all that much! What else is interesting to watch is their unique training routines. I've mentioned this in training recently, how many dojos have their own versions of kiri-kaeshi and so on. Their warm-ups are as much to do with fostering a unique identity as a club and as a team, as they are a physical preparation.  Note also how quickly and in unison the whole club

Extension of lockdown | memberships due | kirikaeshi | 20th anniversary

Lockdown We will be having another Zoom training this Saturday as a result of the lockdown extension. The time will be half and hour longer: 10.00 to 11.30am, using the same Zoom meeting room as usual. We will also be training next Wednesday via Zoom also. Let's hope that lockdown eases next week and doesn't get further extended! Memberships Sean will be in touch with members soon about process for joining or renewing with the VKR and AKR. Please keep an eye out for his email from "membership.nanseikan@gmail". Kirikaeshi As our newest members learned two weeks ago in the dojo, kirikaeshi is a universal warm-up drill in dojo everywhere. The standard format is 2 sets of sayu-men (diagonal men strikes) moving forward and backwards intersperse with three straight men strikes against your partner who either receives on their men or blocks with their sword.  As we learned the format is most commonly nine sayu-men: four forwards and five backwards. But sometimes different do