2nd half of 2021 training dates | Tomoko's new bags

Thank you for your assistance in helping Sean compile the membership renewal application to the VKR.

Next Saturday is our last Saturday training for the term and it will be on Zoom. As we move forward please check back in to this site and also TeamApp for updates on return to in-dojo training. I hope we will be able to start term 3 back face-to-face.

Term 3: 17 Jul to 11 Sep (9 weeks)

Semester 2 Beginners' Course : 7 Aug to 11 Sep (6 weeks)

Victorian Kendo Championships weekend of 14-15 Aug (to be confirmed early July)

Term 4: 9 Oct to 11 Dec (10 weeks) 

Shochugeiko 11 or 18 Dec (date to be confirmed)

The Training Dates page for 2021 been updated to show these dates.

Tomoko's new bags

Here is a new range of bags that Tomoko has designed for your consideration. She has also told me that she has completed the previous order and will bring them to training once we return to the dojo.


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