Extension of lockdown | memberships due | kirikaeshi | 20th anniversary


We will be having another Zoom training this Saturday as a result of the lockdown extension. The time will be half and hour longer: 10.00 to 11.30am, using the same Zoom meeting room as usual.

We will also be training next Wednesday via Zoom also. Let's hope that lockdown eases next week and doesn't get further extended!


Sean will be in touch with members soon about process for joining or renewing with the VKR and AKR. Please keep an eye out for his email from "membership.nanseikan@gmail".


As our newest members learned two weeks ago in the dojo, kirikaeshi is a universal warm-up drill in dojo everywhere. The standard format is 2 sets of sayu-men (diagonal men strikes) moving forward and backwards intersperse with three straight men strikes against your partner who either receives on their men or blocks with their sword. 

As we learned the format is most commonly nine sayu-men: four forwards and five backwards. But sometimes different dojo have their own versions. This kirikaeshi is a version from the Osaka Police Special Training Squad. These young men and women are the cream of the crop, the Kendo equivalent of Olympic athletes. So their kirikaeshi is a little more arduous... 😲

20th anniversary

Nanseikan was founded in 2002, so next year will be a milestone for us. Let's start to think of ways to celebrate. Suggestions welcome!


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