STOP PRESS! Training this Saturday returns to the dojo. Please read...

The results of our email poll were in favour of a return to the dojo, but I think we can accommodate everyone. 

  1. Yes, training as normal this Saturday, in the dojo, for our last Saturday training of term. Start and finish times 10am to 12noon as usual.
  2. Yes, we will also have our very last training of term next Wednesday night 23rd June, also in the dojo. 6.30 to 8pm as usual.
  3. Yes, we will also have a Zoom training this Saturday for those who can't make it to the dojo.
  4. No, there will be no Zoom training next Wednesday night however.
Zoom training this Saturday will be the usual meeting ID and it will be the first hour only, from 10am to 11am.

Although there is a limit to 10 people inside at the moment, if we have more than ten we will have an overflow group training outside and we will rotate the two groups so that everyone gets to train inside equally.

Our usual COVID measures apply:
  • scan QR code
  • masks at all times inside
  • don't come to training if you feel unwell - get tested
  • get vaxxed if you are eligible!


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