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Term 3

This term we will be looking at shiai (matches). We will be doing lots of practice shiai and also giving people a chance to learn and practice their shinpan (refereeing) skills. There are some temporary rule changes due to COVID so we will be going through those carefully so those competing in VKC will be ready.

Victorian Kendo Championships

Applications for this year's VKC are now open. VKC is the weekend of 14-15 August. 

There have been some changes to the rules which we can go in detail. Some are to do with COVID, others are to do with tightening up expectations around attire (e.g. correct zekken, no himo colour other than dark blue, no black mengane, etc).

The closing date for applications is 23 July, so we will be discussing and finalising our entries after training on 17 July.

First aid training

The VKR is again sponsoring one person from each club to do first aid training. These are the criteria:

The 2021 VKR First Aid Program will be run as follows: 

  • Up to 10 VKR members will be funded to attend and complete an accredited First Aid Course (HLTAID011 - Provide First Aid). 
  • VKR members may choose the provider and format (in person or online) and will be reimbursed for the course costs up to a maximum of $200. 
  • The course must be completed by 7 August 2021 in order to be eligible for the reimbursement.
  • VKR Members are required to submit an expression of interest via their club with their nominated provider (e.g. St John's Ambulance; Sports Medicine Australia), format and date for attending the course.
  • The member must also acknowledge that they will make themselves available to volunteer at VKR events;
  • Club forwards on details to the VKR Secretary (secretary@kendovictoria.asn.au)
  • VKR confirms funded places are available on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis with 1 place per club in the first instance and a total of 10 places for the VKR. A club may request an additional place which will be provided if fewer than 10 clubs apply 
  • Member pays for course and attends course 
  • Member provides certificate to VKR or evidence that course has been completed 
  • VKR refunds member for the course fees up to a maximum of $200.

Our last member to take advantage of this opportunity was Quinn in 2019. It's a great initiative. Please consider.

Second Nittaidai online seminar - highly recommended

This will be taking place this Saturday from 2pm to 3.30pm Melbourne time. If you are interested, please read the information here and make your own arrangements.


I suggest you get onto applying this weekend if you are interested since there were some difficulties last time with processing payments etc. Cost is JPY2000 per person, payable to Kendo Jidai Int'l.

Picture: now is the time the first plum blossoms 梅花 awaken, reminding us of the power of making effort when things are darkest.



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