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Excellent Kendo articles from Nittaidai sensei

    Here are three articles by the three Nittaidai sensei who recently held some online seminars. These articles are free to access on the Kendo Jidai website.    "The Complete Shinai Manipulation Guide"  by Yagisawa Makoto 八木沢先生『完全なる竹刀操作』 English : https://kendojidai. com/2021/03/08/the-complete- shinai-manipulation-guide/ 日本語: 2021/03/08/the-complete- shinai-manipulation-guide/   "Seme Footwork (Ashi-sabaki)" by Furusawa Nobuaki 古澤先生『足さばき』 English  : 10/12/seme-ashi/ 日本語: 2020/10/12/seme-ashi/   Kendo Article by Shinzato Chikano   新里先生『剣道研究室』 English  : 02/01/shinzato-chikano/ 日本語: 2021/02/01/shinzato-chikano/  

All September gradings postponed indefinitely; no term fees due for term 3

 As mentioned at training it is now official. All gradings have been put on hold until further notice. This also includes the online training for officials. Please see the VKR President's message below. Also, there are no fees due for term 3 training as yet. When we return to train in the dojo we will collect fees only for the remaining number of weeks of the term. ____________________________________________________________________________ Dear all,    As everyone would be aware, COVID cases have continued to increase in Melbourne and as of today (Saturday), Regional Victoria is now back in lockdown.    While the lockdown is due to end on 2 September, it seems likely that this will be extended or at least it is uncertain when indoor training and events will be possible.    Accordingly, following discussions between the VKR and VKTC this week, and considering the current COVID situation and the need for clubs to have returned to training prior to any potential grading, we can unfor

Lockdown 6 extension -- Zoom classes continue; if lockdown ends 2 Sept we will return to the dojo on 4 Sept.

 Be kind to all including yourselves. Stay safe and active, in that order! 😊

How to tie your do himo


No dojo training due to snap lockdown no. 6 - pivoting to Zoom training Saturday 10 am to 11am, Wed 5.30 to 6pm. Start of beginners' course will be delayed one week. EOM