Important: new dates and kyu grading guidelines for 2022


Here is an important announcement from Macak sensei and the Victorian Kendo Technical Committee regarding changes to grading requirements. Please read carefully>

To All VKR Kendo Clubs

Kyu Grading Examinations in 2022

Given the achievement of the 80% double vaccinated target in Victoria most clubs are now either back to training, or soon will be. It looks like we are nearly back to normal, although none of us can foresee what lies in the future.

There will be some significant changes to the way Kyu Grading Examinations will be conducted in Victoria in 2022 and Clubs and potential Grading Panellists should take the following items into consideration when they are planning for next year.

VKR Seminar: As we did early this year, we will start the year off with a seminar currently scheduled for Sat/Sun 12/13 March. This is also the Labor Day long weekend, so please make a note in your calendar. It is expected that 3rd to 1st Kyu and 1st to 4th Dan Grading examinations will be scheduled during this seminar, with further details to be announced closer to the date. The Seminar will be held at Monash University, Clayton.

Schedule of Grading Examinations: The minimum time between Kyu Grades has been reduced to 3 months, so we will now conduct 3 Kyu Grade Examinations each year in March, July and November.

Exact dates are to be confirmed, but the general idea will be that Club Grading Examinations for 6-4 Kyu will take place in the first week or so of the month with the VKR Grading for 3-1 Kyu in the 2nd or 3rd weekend. In summary:

  • MAR: VKR Seminar including 1-4 Dan and 3-1 Kyu Gradings (TBC), Club 6-4 Kyu Gradings.
  • JUL: Club 6-4 Kyu Gradings, VKR 3-1 Kyu Gradings.
  • AUG: VKC Sat/Sun 13/14.
  • SEP: VKR 1-4 Dan Gradings.
  • NOV: Club 6-4 Kyu Gradings, VKR 3-1 Kyu Gradings.
Bokuto Waza in VKR Kyu Grading examinations: In accordance with AKR Kendo Board guidelines the Bokuto Waza will now be part of the Kyu Grading Examinations follows:
  • 3 Kyu: Bokuto-ni-yoru Kendo Kihon-waza Keikoho, Stages 1-4, as a kakarite and motodachi.
  • 2 Kyu: Bokuto-ni-yoru Kendo Kihon-waza Keikoho, Stages 1-6, as a kakarite and motodachi.
  • 1 Kyu: Bokuto-ni-yoru Kendo Kihon-waza Keikoho, Stages 1-9, as a kakarite and motodachi.
When these exercises were developed several years ago, the stated intention was to introduce bokuto training to beginning Kendoka at an early stage, and their incorporation into the Kyu Grading Requirements reflects the importance attached to these exercises by the Kendo Board.

Practise of the Bokuto waza will now have an added significance as part of the preparation for 3, 2 & 1 Kyu. Please ensure that sufficient time is spent on practising the Bokuto Waza over the next few months to enable your members to be ready for the March examinations.

Double grading: With reduction of time between Kyu Grades, the opportunity to double grade will no longer be offered.

Further details of the Kyu grade requirements and the Grading schedule to apply in Victoria in 2022 will be available soon.

Enjoy your return to training, stay safe, and I’m sure we are all looking forward to a return to normality next year.

Yakov Macak
Chair, VKTC


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