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Seasons Greetings and take care

  Merry Christmas, happy Hannukah and happy holidays. After a difficult year, may 2022 be much better for all! Nanseikan will be closed for all of January. If you wish to train elsewhere in that time, please take care and I would strongly suggest going back to wearing a mask and/or face shield at all times when training. See you on 5 February for the start of our 20th anniversary year!

Holiday homework

  As promised, here is a short video of what to do over the break if you're at home; or on holiday for that matter! A little bit of practice every day will keep your skills sharp. You'll even learn new things about your Kendo, I guarantee it! For experienced people with their own bogu, you are welcome to train at any VKR or AKR dojo in the meantime, so long as you contact the dojo first and you are fully vaxed or have a legit medical exemption. All VKR clubs' contact details are here: And keep an eye on your email inbox for notification of some extra NSK trainings during January. Season's Greetings, stay safe, and here's to 2022 being a year when we can reconnect with those we have missed over the last two years.