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Welcome 2022!

Welcome to our 20th anniversary year! This year will hopefully see us back in the dojo first of all. Training is always the backbone of Kendo. Then, as things slowly move back to normal, we will be sharing our dojo with visitors, friends and family to help us celebrate this milestone. More to come when these events are finalised... Training starts back on Saturday 5 February. Full list of term dates for the year are here . Beginners course starts on 19 Feb. We will have a short meeting after training on 5 Feb to introduce some ideas, issues and tasks that we will be looking at in the first part of the year. Things like: admin roles club gradings communication pathways VKR portal invitation for people to become assistant instructors and the training requirements involved social and other events COVID guidelines have changed slightly. This page is being regularly updated to reflect the latest instructions around what we must do to stay as safe as possible in the dojo. As always, if you

Vale Kyohei Fujiie

Vale     藤家 教平様  Fujiie  Kyohei   1953 - 2021 It is with great sadness that I must convey the passing of Mr Kyohei Fujiie, husband of Tomoko Fujiie, father of Rodan Fujiie and founder of Benalla Renshinkan Dojo. He died on 30 December in Shepparton Hospital from complications arising from COVID-19. Kyohei established Benalla Renshikan Kendo Club in 2008. Kyohei and Tomoko were regular visitors to Nanseikan in the intervening years, usually starting their journey at 5.00am to get to Nanseikan in time for training. In recent years he and Tomoko also trained in Tatsumi Ryu Hyoho with the Melbourne Koryu Kenkyukai. Outside of martial arts, Kyohei learned the guitar so that he could perform with Tomoko in the ensembles which are her passion.  Kyohei was a warm, thoughtful, compassionate, and eternally inquisitive man. He took the meaning of his given name “to teach peace” seriously.  His training was in youth counselling and education and he worked with young people with special needs, ofte