Term 2 starts this Saturday | Zen workshop with Ekai osho


Zen workshop

Term 2 of our 20th anniversary year starts this Saturday with the Zen workshop and talk by Ekai osho.

There won't be any Kendo training but members are encouraged to wear their dogi to participate in the workshop. The forecast is heavy rain and not too cold, but bring socks and a something to wear over your gi in case. 

Nanseikan members who can should be at the dojo at 9am to assist with setting up.

Some other points:

  • vaccine certificates will not be checked at the door, however...
  • please do a RAT before you come and stay home if positive or if you have symptoms
  • masks are not mandatory but are encouraged
  • the workshop is open to all VKR members as well as family and friends. 
  • There is no need to RSVP
  • Entry to workshop is by voluntary donation to Ekai
  • cushions and stools will be provided but if you have your own, please bring it
  • workshop will start promptly at 10.30am so please be punctual
  • morning tea will be served afterwards

For those who can't attend, the talk will be recorded and a transcription will be made available in the near future.

Term two is a nine week term, finishing Wednesday 29 June

20th anniversary gasshuku

The term ends with a two day gasshuku over 25th and 26th June. The venue is Nanseikan. All VKR and AKR kenshi are welcome to attend. Details about cost, schedule and whether there will be overnight accommodation at the dojo will be decided soon.

Cool videos

There are a number of videos that the AJKF have uploaded of this year's All Japan 8th dan competition, all are great to watch.

This is the current headmaster of Tatsumi Ryu and his son demonstrating the Iai kata groups 'zanzetsu' and 'gassha'. Those who remember their basics will recognise some of the same movements with just slight variations. You can also see how they bow, and also how they put the sword away, Tatsumi style.

This is a great video from Yamakawa Dojo in Okinawa. The main sensei (wearing blue dogi in the vid) has represented Okinawa at the All Japans. He's a young 6th dan I think. The one is white is Inoue Hidekatsu a 7th dan I think and probably in his 50s. It's great to see how they shape up against each other, both with strong but very different (and age appropriate) Kendo.

And this vid I love. I think I've shared it before, but it's of Yamakawa sensei demonstrating the real self-care, Kendo style! Yakitepingu, or how to weld sports-tape to your body using fire. Yes, it's a real thing! Favourite technique of high school and uni kenshi in Japan.

 And don't forget to do your suburi!


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