Busy July-August - lots of news for term 3, 2022

This July-August will be a busy time. The main things are the first club-based grading on Saturday 23rd July at 10am for 6th kyu to 4th kyu which Nanseikan will be hosting and also the grading the following day at Kenshikan for 3kyu to 1st kyu. The other big event is the Victorian Kendo Championships which is an entire weekend on the 13 & 14 August. 

A reminder: if you want to keep up with last minute changes and info, download the free smartphone app Signal and we can invite you to our two groups: Nanseikan Announcements and Nanseikan Casual.

See below for what's coming up in detail:

Casual holiday training
Wednesday 13 July, 6.30pm

Start term 2
Saturday 16 July
10 week term, ends Wednesday 21 September

Otsuka Memorial Taikai 30th anniversary
Saturday 16 July
Kenshikan Dojo, entries now closed.
Please be aware of Kenshikan's COVID procedures.

Beginners' course
6 August to 10 September

VKR grading at Nanseikan
Saturday 23 July, 6kyu to 4kyu
starts 10.00am

Deadline for entries - 2022 Victorian Kendo Championships
Sunday 24 July
All entries will be managed by the club. Only those regularly attending training may compete.
However anyone is welcome to volunteer as an official (see seminar on 8 Aug below)

VKR grading at Kenshikan
Sunday 24 July, 3kyu to 1kyu
starts 12.20pm
Please be aware of Kenshikan's COVID procedures.

Deadline for registration: VKC shinpan and volunteer seminar
apps in by 5pm, 31 July
register here https://www.revolutionise.com.au/vkr/events/144655/

Monash University 30th Anniversary Taikai
Saturday 30th July from 11am, Monash Sports Centre Clayton Campus.
Registrations now closed.
We will most likely cancel NSK Saturday morning training altogether on this day.
Carpooling will be available from the dojo. See the Signal groupchat for details.

VKR monthly training
Friday 6 August, 6.30pm warm-up, 7.00pm to 8.00pm training. Kenshikan Dojo.
For those in full bogu only, an hour of mawarigeiko with people of all skill levels from different VKR clubs. Free entry. No registration required.
Please be aware of Kenshikan's COVID procedures.

VKC Shinpan and Volunteer Seminar
Sunday 8 August, 1.00 to 3.30pm, Kenshikan
Members 4 dan and over to bring shinpanki (flags)
Members 1 kyu to 3 dan to volunteer as shiaisha
Members of any grade to come to learn officials' (kakari-in) duties.
Attendance is free, registration required.
Please be aware of Kenshikan's COVID procedures.

2022 Victorian Kendo Championships
13 and 14 August
Sports Centre, Victoria University, Footscray Campus



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