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Membership renewals due now: MY2023-24

Here is the information regarding renewing your membership to the VKR and AKR. It must be done by each member individually through the Revsport portal.  Membership must be renewed  by 15 June in order to grade in July .  Send any questions to secretary.nanseikan at gmail ******************************************************************** Step 1)  Go to the  VKR 's Revsport Registration page. Click on the "Returning  Member " button, or the "New Member" button depending on your membership status. au/ vkr /registration / New  members  will be provided with an AKR ID in Revsport once it is issued by the AKR. Step 2)  There is an important change to this year’s process required by the Australian Kendo Renmei (AKR). The AKR requires that all  members  are bound by AKR Policies. Therefore, as part of becoming or renewing your AKR/ VKR   membership , all  members  must fill in the form here regarding AKR Policies: hPh