2022 dates

Nanseikan 20th anniversary year

Please note that Nanseikan terms will now end on the first Saturday of the Victorian public school holidays. The final Wednesday night training will be after that, in first week of the holidays. This adds eight regular trainings to the 2022 calendar.

Term 3 
16 Jul to 17 Sep (10 weeks)

Beginners' course 6 Aug to 10 Sep

Term 4
8 Oct to 17 Dec (11 weeks)

Other important dates

first Friday of each month
VKR monthly training (Kenshikan)

16th    Otsuka/Nagae Taikai (Kenshikan)
24th    Kyu gradings (club based and Kenshikan)
30th    MUKC 30th anniversary event (Monash, all day)

7th    shinpan and kakari-in training for VKC (Kenshikan 1.00-3.30pm).
13-14th Victorian Kendo Championships (Vic Uni, all day)
28th     VKR state council (online)

18th    1-4 dan gradings (Kenshikan)


20th     VKR state council (online)
27th kyu gradings (club based and Kenshikan)

3rd     Mumeishi 3s (Berwick)
17th   Nanseikan 20th anniversay shochugeiko?


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