Bogu Pack-up

 There are many ways of packing up bogu, but for consistency and to save time, please follow this guide when using Nanseikan's club bogu.


At the end of every term our armoury tends to look like a mess. Bogu gets mixed up, parts are missing, bogu are put away incomplete, and there are very few complete sets. This wastes everyone's time at the beginning of training. And it takes a long time to sort out!

The first thing is to wrap the tare himo carefully.

This is no good! The himo are scrunched, there is too much tension on the tare making it curl, and you can see where this is causing the himo to tear at the join.

 This is one way to deal with tare himo. At least it keeps them flat. But I would prefer members did not fold them this way because...

 ...they tend to do this when being handled and causes more work for the armourer.

This is the correct way to wrap the tare himo:

 1) Keep the tare flat. Wrap the himo around the nearest large flap, taking care to spread out the himo and keep it flat as you wrap it around.

 2) Keep wrapping the himo around the flap, keeping it flat all the time.

3) Tuck the remaining end of the himo under itself.

When you have done it both sides it should look like this. Note that the tare itself lies flat on the ground.

Do and tare

If you have done a careful job with the tare, the rest is pretty easy. This is the way the do and tare should be tied up.
  • tare on the outside of the do
  • long do himo holding the tare to the do like a Christmas present, tied in a bow on the inside of the do
  • short do himo holding the ends of the tare to the do.
  • no loose himo dangling

Men and kote

Sorting the men and kote is even easier.

1) Arrange the himo so that they form an "x" across the back of the men. This makes it easier for the next person.
2) Bring the remaining long ends of the himo around and underneath the throat piece as shown above. 
3) Place all the himo inside the men.

Place the kote inside the men, with both fists pointing the same way as shown above. This holds the men himo from falling out.

Place the men on its side inside the do. This way takes up the least room on the shelves.

And you're done!

If we can follow this method consistently it will help everyone.
  1. It will keep bogu sets complete.
  2. It will prevent tangles from dangling himo
  3. It helps bogu last longer and reduces the need for repairs
  4. It fits more bogu in the armoury
  5. It keeps the bogu ready for the next person.
  6. It reduces the amount of time spent getting ready at the start of training.


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