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Due to the transmissibility of the Omicron variant, we have returned to the wearing of masks in the dojo. As before you must wear a fitted face mask over your nose and mouth when in the dojo. When wearing men, you can choose to wear either a face mask or a face shield or both.

Again, all participants at training must be fully vaccinated. The third booster shot is also highly recommended.

Below is the Victorian Kendo Renmei's updated COVID vaccine policy - updated Jan 2022. Please read carefully.

This page will be updated as necessary if/when the situation changes.

Dear All,


VKR COVID Vaccination Policy (Updated Jan 2022) 


The VKR's Vaccination Policy is as follows:


·         Must follow venue requirements. 

·         Strongly encouraged to require vaccinations for all members attending training in person unless they have a medical exemption and strongly encourage members to seek a third dose. 

·        Interclub/cross-dojo training may occur subject to the member seeking approval of their own Club's head instructor and the approval of the other Club's head instructor, and following any specific rules of that Club.

  VKR Events (e.g. Grading, Seminars): 

·        VKR will follow venue requirements 

·        VKR will require all attendees at VKR events to be at least double vaccinated unless they have a medical exemption (this also applies to those aged 5-12 years old) 

·        VKR notes that many VKR venues/clubs have mandatory vaccination requirements (unless you have a medical exemption), so please ensure you are aware of the venue/clubs requirements before any event.   


This policy will be in place for the foreseeable future and will be updated if there are any changes or further advice from the Victorian Government.


General COVID-Safe Training Guidelines (Updated Jan 2022) 

VKR is recommending that Clubs use the following guidelines:

·      Do not attend training if you are unwell or have any symptoms - however mild. 

·      Do not attend training if you are a close contact and follow Victorian Department of Health advice:


·      In-person training is permitted subject to Victorian Government guidelines and providing that your club's COVID-safe plans are implemented and adhered to.

o  Please follow your respective training venue's guidelines, vaccination requirements and density limits. 

·      Government QR Check-in Code is mandatory

·      Face masks are mandatory indoors, unless you have a lawful reason for not doing so

·      For Kendo:

    • use of men face shield (full or half shield as determined by clubs) is strongly recommended for vaccinated Kendo-ka and mandatory for unvaccinated Kendo-ka with a medical exemption 
    • use of kake-goe (vocalisation) and tsuba-zeriai should be limited or avoided where possible 
    • instructors should consider conditions (heat and humidity) in context of wearing masks and modify training accordingly (e.g. kata, regular drink breaks)

The VKR expects the above guidelines will apply for VKR events, but will be confirmed prior to the event. 


Michael Dunn


Victorian Kendo Renmei 


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