To enrol in a Beginners' Course at Nanseikan, please use the new online form:

If you are not a beginner but are joining the club for the first time you can also use this form.

Please note the information gathered in the form will be passed on to the Victorian Kendo Renmei Inc. (VKR), the peak body for Kendo in Victoria, so as to facilitate your membership. Membership of the VKR is required of all those who train in Kendo beyond the initial beginners' course.

The question regarding being a 'prohibited person' is required because VKR membership provides current members over the age of 18 an exemption to the ban on sword ownership which otherwise applies in the state of Victoria. 'Sword' in this case refers to a metal sword with either a sharp edge or sharp point. Although we don't usually use metal swords in Kendo, the VKR also governs Kendo's sister art of Iaido, which requires the use of a metal sword.

Beginner's handbook

The handbook contains an outline of all the basic terms and practices covered during the beginners' course. It is designed to help beginners remember and revise what they learn at training.

Click here to go to the handbook.

Here is a video of some of the basics you'll learn in the Beginners' Course with a soundtrack by the wonderful Hibari Misora!


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