For a full list of the relevant policies, go here.

Nanseikan is affiliated with the Victorian Kendo Renmei (VKR) and the Australian Kendo Renmei (AKR). These two organisations are recognised by the state government of Victoria and the federal government of Australia as the governing bodies for Kendo, Iaido and Jodo. 

With this privilege comes the responsibility of adhering to national guidelines relating to maintaining a  safe environment for all participants. To that end it is now mandatory that we take part in training and accreditation to help safeguard participants, especially children. These mandates arise directly from the historic Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, and other inquiries where improvements and safeguards were identified to try and protect the vulnerable of the future from the sorts of harms experienced in the past.

The AKR's Member Protection Policy describes in detail the rationale for, and our response to, these mandates.

The AKR's Framework for the Development of Instructors, Coaches and Officials (ICO) is a practical guide to how to embed these recommendations into the culture of how we teach and regulate Kendo in Australia. This is the website that will help manage future ICO certification processes.

If you are a current member you will have already received an email from our Secretary outlining what your responsibilities are to meet these requirements. If you did not receive this email, the contents are copied below.

Working with Children Check

Any member over 18 MUST have a valid Working With Children Check. Apply for a free Volunteer one here: https://www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au/individuals/applicants/how-to-apply-1
If you're having trouble applying for it online, you will be able to apply at a post office - choose "No" when it asks you if you have a newer phone.
Where it asks your organization details, select "No" as we don't have a phone number and in Occupational Fields select "42 - Clubs,etc"


Sports Integrity Australia eLearning - Every Dan grade must complete both

PBTRs - Child Protection and Safeguarding
PBTRs - Harassment and Discrimination 

Create an account here: https://elearning.sportintegrity.gov.au/login/index.php
Further information here: Step-by-step Instructions (with screenshots!)


In an email with a subject line "[insert name] Compliance"

  • Please send me a picture of your WWCC card - and/or bring it next time you come to training so I can see it in person.  If you want to be really nice, also type out the card number and expiry date so I can just copy/paste.
  • Please also send me a copy of your downloaded SIA eLearning Certificate showing both badges.

Please have this done by 30th March and send to me so I can forward to VKR.  If you haven't gotten your WWCC sent out by Monday, just send me a screenshot of your application receipt - and then bring the card to training when you get it.

You won't be able to attend ANY VKR events (including gradings or seminars) until it's done.  There are also fines that may be applicable.


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